What’s in the bag? (aka Who we are)

It was a bit of a slow day at work, when I decided to invite a couple of my mates down to London from Edinburgh for a golf weekend. I had recently moved down and was missing our early Saturday morning rounds. It wasn’t just the 4 or so hours of playing a game I loved, but also the time I got to spend with the guys – a break from the world, where we would hope for just one smoked drive, or one approach shot where the ball would fly high to the green whilst my eyes flicked up and down to see where the flag stick was. Ultimately, with us all being off low to mid-teen handicaps, this rarely happens, but our enthusiasm for the game is never dampened.

We are amateur golfers in the truest sense of the word; doing our best to play once a week around the demands of everyday life. Part of our passion is driven by the opportunity to play on so many different courses, up and down the country. From growing up in London on the parkland public courses to being at St Andrews University and getting to play the historic links courses; and, lately, based between Edinburgh and London – where we have played a variety of the great wide open Scottish east-coast courses to the squeezed in, run-of-the-mill public courses in the city.

But it was that day in the office, when I was looking for a couple of good courses to play while the guys were down, where HotShotGolf started. In the end, I couldn’t exactly find what I wanted: somewhere that is easy enough to get a tee time (as non-members) and not going to break the bank. So I decided to try and help my past-self by writing reviews of the courses we played that weekend. And it just kept going from there.

HotShotGolf was founded on our love for the game of golf, alongside an enjoyment of writing about golf courses we have played. So make of the reviews what you will. We have tried to be honest and consistent when writing them, but they are our individual take on how we found the courses. All we hope is that they might help in some way.

Enjoy the reviews!



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