Scoring and Review Format

On the tee – background to the course including facts such as location, length, par score and a general description of the lay of the land.

Course conditions – where we look at each aspect of the course and comment on the quality of each of them (tee boxes, fairways, rough, hazards, greens, etc)

Hazards – things that we didn’t find so good; think too many blind shots, confusing course layout, or just poorly designed holes; essentially a list of things you should watch out for the first time you play.

Better than most! – from Gary Koch’s commentary on Tiger’s putt at Sawgrass; this is where we have tried to highlight anything particularly enjoyable or challenging, which are worth a special mention.

HotShotGolf Score – to enable easy comparison we give each course a score out of 100 taking all of the above elements into account.

0-34 = NR (not worth it)

35-49 = bogey (probably not worth it, but might have some notable aspects)

50-60 = par (worth playing)

61-75 = birdie (definitely worth it)

75+ = hole in one (drive out of your way to play this one)


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